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Existing Home

Have an existing home?Get Mass Save Rebates

Massachusetts is one of a small number of states that offer its residents rebates and incentives for having an energy efficient home. If you were brought to this page, we encourage you to reach out to Mass Save to get your free energy audit as a first step.


What can Mass Save do for home owners of existing builds? 

For those who have an existing home but are interested in taking advantage of these potential rebates, we strongly recommend you contact Mass Save to schedule your free audit. Their team will assess and recommend energy efficiency upgrades that fit your homes needs, and put money back in your wallet.


What should you do if you've already had your free energy evaluation, and are ready to go beyond the basic Mass Save program?

Our technicians can perform advanced diagnostic testing to help you locate leaks in your attic, basement, ductwork, or anywhere else in your house. To do these we use specialized pressure testing equipment and thermal imaging devices to identify where your home might need additional attention.

Why should I invest my time into Mass Save and Power House Energy Consultants?

There may be ways to further cut the cost of your bills down that we specialize in recognizing. Additionally, upgrades to the energy efficiency of your home may result in a higher re-sale value down the line, which is another way that your decision to contact us puts money back in your wallet. 

Contact us today so we can help you find a path to lower energy use and a cooler earth!



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Save on energy-efficient products, Evaluate home energy performance, and more using Mass Save

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